no permissions? well i'll give you a what for!

Wow! (:AGY)

By using this program, this is by far the quickest amount of time I have managed to destroy a computer.
Congratulations! It wouldn’t have been possible without your help.

All I did was select Paranoid settings because I thought it would alert me to the program activity and allow me to choose whether I wanted to block or allow the program action.
But instead my computer is but a lumpy husk. I do not have the permissions to do anything. I can’t run any programs, I can’t move any files, I can’t uninstall comodo, I can’t even restart my computer. Thanks for that!

You can blame it on my actions if you’d like, but you should probably fix that. I would be laughing with you if I wasn’t so utterly distraught at the idea of having no computer with me for my flight tomorrow.

Sometimes I wonder if all these firewalls and anti-spywares and anti-viruses are useful in any way at all.

(:HUG) has instructions for removing CFP3 when there are problems. Most can boot into safe mode (F8 at boot) using the power button if necessary, and remove CFP3 from there normally; others need the removal script in the reference. Most common reason for lockout is selecting block and remember accidentally for explorer.exe or wininit.exe, which load the applications, and then there is no way to fix it except with an uninstall from safe mode.

Until you learn any program its best to use it at default levels. Comodo installs under the levels of the firewall at “train with safe mode” and D+ at “clean pc mode”. Dont blame Comodo if you changed your settings not knowing what would happen. Did you read the help file system?

How do you start a new thread?

The forums suck as bad as the product.
The dipcrap “product” locked up Vista SP1 due to the fact that it is blocking system files that cannot be responded to fast enough.
Whilst being asked whether to allow a Vista system file to execute…10 million little windows are popping up telling me what the syatem is learning.
They block my ability to allow Windows files to run.
What a piece of garbage comodo is.
A virus would do less harm than comodo does.
I would not recommend this BS product to anyone.
I guess its free for a reason.
Its ■■■■

On the icon in the tray, turn off “display balloon messages” if you don’t want to be bothered with them.

Since I uninstalled the bigest piece of ■■■■ ever from my PC, I cannot do that.
What a debacle uninstalling that garbage.
Its usually easy to identify garbage software by the rediculous methods needed to uninstall it.
I just want to inform new users that its a piece of ■■■■…and if slowing and disrupting the use of a PC is what a virus does…then comodo is a virus.

In that case, enjoy your next Vista Firewall.

Well this seems to be a simple fix!

You don’t like the program, fine…don’t use it~

You don’t like the forum? Leave…Problem solved!

You are a minority!

So if there are no more questions…

Please feel free to FOAD!

(:CLP) (CLY)

I second that!

CCrusher, you do realize that just because this firewall does not work for you and a FEW others it does not mean it’s junk it just means there are some issues for YOU and the FEW others . But for the other THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of CFP users it works PERFECTLY. (B) (B)

A well kept computer is half the battle. It isn’t always the softwares fault.

:THNK this forum has been so hot lately.
c’mon guys, lets watch pokemon :slight_smile:

nah, comodo is a dragon ;D , avian flu is virus :smiley: