No permission to do anything

I had a fresh new install of win xp sp3, office 07 and avast.

I installed comodo, restarted and it took ages to get past the “preparing network connections” and “applying computer settings” however it did in the end get me to my desktop.

I installed newsleecher, tried to run the installer it went into installer mode… and hasn’t seem to come out since…

Not only this I now don’t have permission to do anything on my computer, I click firefox or try and shut down or restart or anything it tells me I don’t have permission, the only way I can restart is to hold down “ctrl”, “alt” and “del” and select “log off” then choose “options” and shut down from there, even then it takes a long long while to shut down…

Whats happened and how do I get my computer back?


If you are still able to open gui window, try to run diagnostics and make x:\windows\explorer.exe (x - your system drive letter) as trusted app (computer security policy). If no luck, try to rename cmdguard.sys under x:\windows\system32\drivers and reboot.

If it is impossible to do, i guess the only way to return system is to boot from live cd and rename cmdguard.sys (location mentioned above). If successful you’ll be able to fix rules/remove/reinstall CF when you log in to your system.