no pending files for review


I have a new instal of Firewall 3.5.54375.427 on Windows XP sp3.
Everything works fine other than there are never any files listed as pending review in the proactive defence section.
I read elsewhere on the forum files are only presented for review if setting for defence is “clean pc”
My setting is “clean PC”,but still no files listed.
I have removed at least one program,and had a lot of program updates for Avira and other programs.


please cancel my above post. reinstaled spybot and I now have six files for review.
sorry to jump the gun so to speak.

Haha, maybe CIS is getting sooooooo good there are no more pending files.

Make sure these settings are checked: (see attached)

(Edit: I see you replied before I did. Just make sure the settings are checked anyway.)

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Just want to tell you, Spybot and Ad-adware are out of their prime. Malwarebyte’s Anti-malware & SUPERAnti-Spyware are better.

Thanks jeremysbost, I know Spybot is long in the tooth.
I keep it around just becasuse it lets me scheduale a scan,and when I get rid of it I miss its “quirky-ness”
I use Malwarebytes anti-malware ,SuperAntiSpyware and A-Squared2 free
for my real “go-to” programs.
I thank ad-aware has been ■■■■ since SE went toes up.
Yeah,Comodo Firewall is great,and that comes from a guy that allmost cried when I said good-bye to Kerio 2.1.5.

I guess what I am avoiding saying is I am too cheap to pay for programs,
and the only other anti-spyware that I know that allows schedualed scans in its free version is spyware terminator,and that “SPrasser.exe” or whatever its called just goobles up too much resourse.
then there is that Crawler thing that kind of worries me also,so the “Bot” gets a ride for Auld Lang Syne.

That’s ok Norman :slight_smile:

Comodo Can compete against Paid products without question, It’s proactive protection is Bullet proof (Defense+)
As for antimalware - Comodo actually detects a nice amount of new malware (There are even cases where comodo detects what others fail!) This is good because it’s such a new program.

In the near future comodo will have an Hueristics feature of what I think will be one of the, if not the best heuristics available.

For more info you can do a search for CIMA\CAMAS