No Parental Control for Sandbox?

Why isn’t there an option in Parental Control to set password for the sandbox?

Anyone can Enable/disable the sandbox.

Oh god you’re right. :frowning:

Update 1:
Wanna know something cute:

  1. disable sandbox.
  2. put D+ in safe mode. Firewall in safe mode.
  3. enable parental control to Lock-Down your system so that no-one can install or run software(s) without your permission.

Enable sandbox and voila the program runs. Oh yeah sure its running sandboxed but wtf… I don’t even want the app to run, I want an anti-executable. Oh well… :-\

Update 2:
Workaround for the above.
Un-check ALL options in the sandbox settings page and disable the box. Only then does CIS v4 give true parental control.

As far i have understood, programs doesn’t run in the sandbox before they have passed the antivirus, and D+, so if a program runs in the sandbox, it would have run anyway.

I don’t think so. I tried it… it ran. You need to disable and uncheck all options in sandbox and only then does it not run.

Once a program starts in the sandbox it gets no alerts from D+, implying that D+ is after sandbox and not before. I think its AV>Sandbox>Firewall/D+. This does not matter, as in parental control with sandbox enabled and no policy set, the program does run, albeit under a sandbox. Only when you do the above, is it unable to run.

Hmm you are right, some programs can run when the Sandbox is turned On, that doesn’t run when the sandbox is turned Off, unless you allow the programs with D+.

I hope this is rectified soon, nice one for pointing this one out, not tested v4 too much I have to be honest as had a lot of IRL stuff going on at the minute.


I just don’t understand how they could forget it.