No parent on alerts

Suddenly for no real reason, Comodo doesn’t show the parent on the alerts anymore. So every time I use a new application and asks for approval, there is no reference to the parent. How can I fix this? See screenshot.

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Security - Advanced - Application Behavior Analysis - Configure: Is there anything UNCHECKED there?
What does the Protection Strength indicator say: Excellent, Good, Fair…?

Paul Wynant

There is nothing unchecked in there. The Protection Strength says “Excellent”.

When did this start? Have you installed any new programs lately? Do you have any kind of Intrusion Protection software installed that might limit COMODO in doing the necessary queries to the OS? What AV do you have? Have you done any virus/spyware scans since this started?
Until somebody from the COMODO crew helps you (I’m just a newbie here), I would advise you to do the following: In the Network Monitor set COMODO to LOG EVERYTHING, not only the last IP-BLOCK-ANY-RULE, but also the ‘allowed’ packet rules. You do this by double-clicking on the rule and checking ‘create an alert when this rule is fired’. (This does not mean that you will get a pop-up message, it will just be logged). After let’s say half an hour of logging, export the logs into an html file (Activity - Logs - Right-click and choose ‘Export…’). Copy and send the contents of the html file to my PM. These are, of course, cases in which application logs might be more helpful…

Paul Wynant
Moscow, Russia