no outgoing/incoming connections

Here’s some info about my system:
Windows 7 pro 64-bit
Newest version of cis firewall running safe mode
Avast antivirus

Ok… so I just noticed that one of my programs wasn’t blocked from the internet like I set it up to. So I opened the firewall up and noticed that incoming and outgoing connections were listed as 0. Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks.

Can you put screenshot of your problem please?

Ok, so my desktop won’t post on this forum because it keeps saying that my last post was less than a second ago. Well, that’s obviously not true, but nevertheless I’m now posting from my droid…

Here’s the screenshot you asked for…

Oh and the 14 suspicious attempts is logitech’s setpoint trying to update. Not sure why it’s blocked, but I don’t really mind…

Didi you try to reinstall?

yup. cleared the registry and everything


I had the same issue with CIS Ver 4 Premium, see my post here. With CIS Ver 4 loaded I would have a LAN connection, which XP notes as connected at 100Mb/sec with packet transfers, but no link to the Internet. I had to remove Ver 4 and reload CIS Ver 3.14 which now works OK. I suspect that if you are running XP, like me, that CIS [or Comodo Firewall] Ver 4 might have some issues with XP.

When I first loaded CIS Ver 4 I did set the Local Area network as a trusted ‘Zone’ and allowed incoming and outgoing IP connections but this made no difference to my lack of an Internet connection.

Regards, KH

I have Windows 7 so that might not apply to me, but I never thought about downgrading. I’ll have to try that when I get off of work tonight

with respect to Logitech, it is trying to share a space of memory that is used by CIS. Their game controller does this also.