No options under "Treat this application as"??


All of a sudden, when I get a Defense+ Alert, the ONLY option under “Treat this application as” is “Installer or Updater”.

What happend to “Trusted Application”?!


It is possible to loose (or delete) the predefined Defense+ policy “Trusted Application” (check Defense+ Predefined Policies). However, the apparent disappearance of the Trusted Application is often due to the first prompt from Defense+ being permission for Explorer.exe to run the application concerned… the Trusted App policy cannot be applied to execute permission for Explorer.exe, thus it is not offered.

Hi there,

Many thanks for your reply, much appreciated.

Is there a way to restore predefined policies?
If not, do I have to re-install COMODO?

One day, they were just gone. Very strange!

Thank you!

Is the Trusted Application policy actually missing from Defense+ Predefined Security Policies?

Yes, you may have to re-install CIS. As far as I know (I’m sure somebody will say if I’m wrong), there is no easy way to do this. It can be done, but it means meddling with CIS’s registry entries (by exporting - editing - re-importing the modified registry entries).

This problem can be reduced by regularly making Exports (Manage My Configurations) of your active Profile (which contains all the rules & policies, including predefined policies).

Yes, it is strange & I’m not sure why this happens, although I believe other users have reported a similar loss of rules & policies (both predefined & custom).

Hmm thank Kail, I’ll just re-install it, that should be fine.

Thank you for your advice!


If you’re having this sort of problem, then exporting the CIS profile occasionally (or after large/important changes) and then using that to revert to if you encounter problems. You can actually load an exported profile with a different name & have your backup profile selectable from CIS’s system tray icon. Instantly available.