no option to install safe surf toolbar.

I recently reinstalled my comodo… but i have just realized i didn’t get the toption to install safe surf.

I uninstalled and then resintalled again… and still i did not get the option. Only options for firewall and a/v but no myask toolbar no more.

how can i reinstall the safe surf.

I saw the option with the new beta, so it is still there.

Safe Surf, although a nice add-on, isn’t really required as buffer overfolw protection is now incorporated into CIS.

Ewen :slight_smile:

You get it later on in the procedure,or should,maybe if you only choose basic Firewall i.e no D+ you don`t get it.

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Can I install the safe surf toolbar on firefox?

Yes, but do you really want to? Since CIS already has BO protection built in, the only thing you’re actually getting is the ASK toolbar…

It’s very weird,but in my virtual XP,the safe surf tray icon appears,in win 7-not.Does not exist.

O beleive Windows 7 has “done away” with tray icons (its supposed to be tidier) if you like your tray icons you can run programs in compatibility mode and select vista or XP