No option to delete history files sent for analysis - Defense+

No option to delete history files sent for analysis. It also proposes to add this category to the event log.

My version Comodo Antivirus Free:
My system:
Windows 7 x86

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+1 (should be able to do on all ‘lists’ Including Global Rules/ Trusted Vendors List/ etc etc


I would like to know what sense it would make to delete such things? Just curious

Valentin N

why would someone want To clear a list?
Why would someone want to clean a list of recent calls :smiley: same concept i believe;

It’s just a way of being neat and clean?


okey Thanks for the answer but this list is “just” there with no big function. I have even forgotten that it exists ;D

Many people come from different backgrounds and different senses of security;
I have viewed this window probably 3 times in the past 2 days;

It’s just how you want to use CIS

another user may never know that “Network zones” is actually in CIS or if even it exists :slight_smile:

In CIS nothing is just there with no big function; It’s included because thousands of users wanted it :smiley:


I find it quite good in case you want to see what you submitted and if it’s analyzed. :slight_smile:

Valentin N