No Notification Area icon. No GUI

Comodo Internet Security, Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. New system with little additional software on it. The original Norton trialware has been uninstalled with the Norton cleanup tool. I have Avira Task Manager installed. I have turned off the Windows Firewall.

I cannot get CIS to start properly. After a new installation, cmdagent.exe starts. cfp.exe starts and is suspended. At this point, running the desktop shortcut as Administrator will start a second instance of cfp which will run normally including the Notification Area Icon and access to the GUI. The suspended instance will not close but will remain suspended. Access to kill process on the suspended cfp is denied in both the Windows Task Manager and Avira Task Manager but can be done from the CIS GUI.

After a restart, cmdagent.exe starts. cfp.exe starts and is suspended. A second instance of cfp is then started. The Notification Area icon does not appear and is shown with an error icon in the Notification Area Customize panel. (The error reads something like: “This application does not have a Notification Area icon.”) Running the desktop shortcut suspends the running instance and starts another one just like the last one (No icon. No GUI). There is some activity as I do see a small disk load on cfp.exe if I open an Internet Browser. Also, I can right click any .exe file and successfully use the “Scan with Comodo Antivirus”.

I have tried: Uninstalled and reinstalled, running the reinstall as Administrator. Set all the .exe files in the Comodo directory to run “all users” as Administrator. Used the Windows Task Scheduler to schedule cfp.exe to run on Startup under the System account. All with no change.

I have Avira Task Manager installed. I used the Windows Task Scheduler to set Avira Task Manager to start 1 minute late to avoid any conflict. I did have both ClipX and Cliptomatic installed. Since they use the Notification Area, I uninstalled them to stop any possible conflict. All with no change.

If I turn UAC all the way off, The CIS icon and GUI will run but with errors. I ran the Defense+ troubleshooter and it came back with a report that the install was good but Defense+ still showed an error and at this point the GUI was not saving settings changes.

At this point I have done a new install of CIS, restarted CIS manually and am simply not shutting the machine down waiting on an answer.

Any help would be appreciated,