no new products

I know you guys are working to fix known troubles in products. But I would really rather that you applied the resources, used to develop new products, to fixing existing ones. You have some great stuff, but too often I see that such and such an offer is “fledgling”, or “teenage” and that it needs work, because there a re multiple, often serious, faults in the systems.

I get the feeling that often the (programming people) resources do not suit fixing other programmes: you are using dispersed (genius) people to develop your products and they are not going to fit well with being “mtce crew” for others . So maybe you have to vet each new offered product VERY carefully before taking it on and offering it as a User Product.

I for one will tolerate faults in developing SW. But if it attacks my very system, or tells me that it will save my system if something else does, and then fails, I run away. Why would I not?

My feeling is that you are providing VERY important, but VERY powerful and potentially VERY dangerous products. They rely on trust and can do great harm. So, constantly adding new ones while existing stuff is still causing system-wide damage and destruction to many people, …does…not…work.