No Network Traffic with Comodo Installed (even if disabled...)


Sorry if this problem lacks technical description.
I have the newest Comodo firewall running fine on my laptop.
I installed it on my desktop (running Windows XP MCE) and, after restarting, the desktop cannot obtain an ip address from my router.
If i enter a fixed IP address and restart, I cannot even ping my router (connect via ethernet).
Even if I ‘turn off’ the firewall, I cannot ping any machine on my LAN, let alone access the internet.

Note this all is with a clean install, no rules defined except clicking the first checkbox when it discovers my LAN and I say make my machine visible to computers on this network.

Any advice would be much appreciated… I did try version 2.x but had the same problem.

With many thanks


Sounds like a problem with the detection of your LAN configuration. It should happen automatically, but sometimes it does not work properly - possibly you had the Router turned off during installation? Anyway, you will need to discover the LAN details, so click Start>Run>and type cmd and press Enter. At the DOS prompt, type ipconfig and press Enter. Note the Machine IP and the subnet mask as well as the default gateway. Those will be one of a few default LAN IP address ranges like or, depending on your setup. Post the results and we can post detailed instructions for setting up your LAN definition for CFP. Alternatively, if you had the router off, you might try uninstalling and re-installing with the router on.


thanks for the quick response…

the configuration is eg machine ip and the router is as (default gateway)
router was on with comodo was installed…

will try any suggestions though still find it weird i have no network access even with comodo completely disabled…

thanks again.

You would probably need to reboot to get the disable to work on the network connection. Anyway, you need to define your LAN as a network zone and use that to run the Stealth Ports Wizard. Click Firewall>Common Tasks>My Network Zones. If there is a Zone there showing -, you can use that zone. Otherwise, click Add and choose a New Network Zone. On the dialog, give it a name and click Apply. On the Zones page, click the (Add addresses here) entry and click Add and choose A New Address. On the dialog, click “A range of IP addresses” and enter the range - and click apply. While we’re here, Add > A single IP Address and Apply and Add > A single IP Address and Apply (these are local communications addresses and this will prevent unnecessary blocking of common connections). Finally, click Apply on the My Network Zones dialog.
Next, click the Stealth Ports Wizard and select “Define a new trusted network…” and then click Next. Select “I would like to trust and existing ‘My Network Zone’” and then click the drop-down beside the box below and select the network zone defined in the first part. Click Finish.