No network driver?

I’m using Windows XP, SP3. Unitl now, I’ve been using CIS 5.12, but yesterday (after reinstalling windows) I’ve updated to version 7.0.317799.4142, and noticed, that all network traffic is blocked until comodo app starts. Before (on 5.12), i could turn off both app and service (cmdagent), and all firewall rules were enforced. It seems that comodo didn’t install network driver (or whatever it is called).
So, question is: should it work like that? Could it be because of lack of driver? Is it possible to install it manually? I’ve already tried reinstalling cis - versions 7 and 5 (i still have old installer), both didn’t install driver.

If you are referring to the network driver in the Local Area Connection Settings Tab, I wondered the same thing previously, and found out via CaptSticks that that network driver is not installed on xp systems.

It’s not installed, because it shouldn’t be, or it’s not installed, because something is wrong?
Also, weird thing is i’ve also tried installing previous version of cis, and it didn’t install driver either (but i had it before).

This was the quote from captainsticks to me on the issue
“AFAIK all versions of CIS listed the FW driver in the LAN properties, with the exception of CIS being installed on Windows XP in which case no CIS versions list the FW driver in the LAN properties.”

I’m not sure if that means it’s not installed, or just doesn’t show up in the settings tab on xp systems.

I first noticed it after installing CIS on newer windows OS systems, in which the firewall driver shows up in the settings. However, on my CIS versions on XP systems, it is not there. It made no difference if it was an XP system with CIS version 5, 6, or 7 installed.