No network connection after updating


Yesterday I updated CIS, rebooted the computer, and the Internet connection worked fine. Today it says that “Network cable unplugged”, after several tries with cables and modems/computer (reboots!) I tried another computer, but with same cables and so, and the Internet connection works fine from that computer (same OS but running F-secure).

How could I get the network to work again?

The OS is XP Pro SP3, CIS 3.10.102363.531, Virus signature 1619.

And, CIS indicate that I today suddenly have 4 threats:
Heur.Dual.Extensions Windows\Installer.…_SHCT_Sprint.exe.exe
Heur.Packed.Unknown Windows\system32\drivers\direi2c.dll
Unclassified Malware[at]8329352 System volume information_restore…\A0033308.dll
Unclassified Malware[at]8329352 System volume information_restore…\A0045266.dl

I choose “Ignore” threats but maybe CIS has done something with the files and that is the reason why the Internet connection doesn’t work. Since I have no Internet connection I can’t try the files on (I don’t want to move the files to the working computer, yet).

Thanking in advance

Hi again,

The computer and me had some rest and when restart everything again it all works! No threats either. When I received the threats the first time I did choose “Ignore once”, if there are still threats they should still be on the computer. So case solved??

I will leave the topic open just in case things would turn.

My initial idea was it would be hardware related. I once got called for help with somebody couldn’t get her computer on the net. The ISP helpdesk didn’t get it solved. A new NIC didn’t work. It turned out to be the PCI slots being tighter than average requiring considerable force to get the NIC properly connected. Is there a lesson in this? Sometimes it’s the hardware…:smiley: