No Network Alert


Should CAVS alert (via prompt) about malware from networked drives? Didn’t realise these malware (see screenshot) had been detected untill I noticed the count on the summary page.

As I was deleting these files at the time, maybe that’s why I wasn’t prompted. Anyhow, I’m going to download these files again (as I believe they are FP anyway) and test locallly and submit (if I can).


[attachment deleted by admin]

Having unzipped to a network drive, CAVS does not alert (via prompt) when the executable is highlighted whereas it does when the file is stored locally.

Also, I am unable to sumbit behind the company proxy (submission error). How can I forward these for investigation?


Ignore above as I’ve just noticed umesh’s post regarding “Web-Interface for Malware and False-Positive Submissions”. Nice one :-TU. Bookmarked.