no more virusdatabase updates?

odd thing has happened:
in last few days, my cis does not update virus database anymore…

I have v.d.base 6884, (downloaded 117 mb from cis) ;

now the Latest Database Version is 6902 (30-Nov-2010 10:05:48)

and cis says that mine is still up to date… ???

and then when it really checks it, result is:

loading… ok, … finalizing … >>> failed to update virus sign. database (check your internet…, ---- yes, it is really ok)

not nice, confusing… ???

(cis ver. 5.0.163652.1142)

try the offline updater

ok, but how do I do that?

well, I uninstalled cis, and installed it back again, downloaded bases.cav (117Mb) once again (because cis did not do it properly) and put it to ‘scanners’-folder.

no better working - virus db updates don’t work any more. :-TD

Now it seems that I have to find another firefall/antivirus program than cis – sorry to come to this…


Hey and Welcome!

What version do you use?


his problem have happened to me long time ago,
dont remember how do i fix it, but there is the possibility for a malware bloking the antivirus to connect
he need to do a full scan with many on demand scanners(hitman pro,malware byte, superantispyware)
these antivirus may not work also, in the worst case he will need to do a boot scan
also check the host file for no alteration

thanks for ideas:

‘full scan with many on demand scanners(hitman pro,malware byte, superantispyware)’


‘RescueDisk10/kav_rescue_10.iso’ have been done, some threats were found and deleted,

but still no updates…


try to re-install it.

so I did already earlier, but no effect…

and ‘repair’ option in ‘add/remove’ is grey, i.e. unusable.



Not sure whether this would work or not. Having re-installed CIS (latest version), couldn’t you use GeekBuddy (if you installed duing installation of CIS) and have a COMODO technician remote in and diagnose the problem for you. I believe you get 60-days free support now.


i strongly doubt that you have a rootkit on your PC… :-La…go for a root kit scan…

if nothing works out reinstall windows…and
and you may never want to reinstall windows again…
oh and here you can download virus data base file

I believe that if the manual update process gets as far as the “finalizing” stage, it has successfully downloaded some updates and is trying to apply them… and it’s failing to apply them in your case. There may be many reasons why.

One reason I found recently was a missing “C:\Windows\Temp” folder. Make sure your “C:\Windows\Temp” folder exists. If it doesn’t create a new folder by that name.