"No more threads can be created in the system" error.

Been using the free Comodo antivirus package for a while with no probs. Decided to re-install Vista from my recovery disc on my Quad core desktop and installed all my usual programs but decided to download the latest Comodo free AV. All looked fine until I tried to install more programs from CD and my HD. Displayed an error message to the effect that “No more threads can be created in the system”.
Re-installed Vista twice more with same results. Previously had always used an existing Comodo AV which I had downloaded several months back. So tried to un-install Comodo but computer said it couldnt as there was a file missing! Tried to use “regedit” to remove the program from the registry but got the same error message. So re-installed Vista again but used Avast AV. Had no problem since. So it looks like there is a problem with the current free AV package? Wasted so much time trying to get a fix that I’m not likely to try Comodo again in a hurry.

Did you try the 64 bits operating system version or the 32 bits version ?

32 bits version.

Make sure you are not suffering from the av updater bug that hogs the CPU like a mad man. Check out Workaround for the 99% CPU Problem with the latest Virus DB Updates.