No More Nagging, please! "A new version of Comodo Dragon is available"

I chose Comodo Dragon as my default/main browser to avail myself to one key feature-- disabling automatic updates. I am currently running version 21.2 on Windows 7, after making several updates over time from version 12.

Unfortunately, the ability to disable automatic updates comes with a severe cost-- the perpetual nagging of the ‘new version available’ popup bar. I get “A new version of Comodo Dragon is available” presented to me, at the beginning of a session and all throughout the session.

I have to click Close to gain back my screen real estate. Not just once, but over and over again, day in and day out, ad infinitum. Is there any way to disable this endless notification process? I’ve explored and searched the Help and forum, and don’t see a way of making the yellow ‘new version’ stay away from my daily sessions.

Consider this Feedback (on a truly awful piece of UI code) and a Feature Request (get those nagging notifications off my screen)…

Thank you (TIA).

I AGREE 100%…Get rid of it… :-TD

Why do you want to use an old and less secure version?

'cause the latest version nuked my extensions every time I closed it and restarted so I had to roll back to the previous version, now I get the reminder to update all the time which I don’t want to until this bug is sorted out hopefully in the next release then I can stop being bothered by the reminder.

Please check Comodo Dragon, Configure Dragon Updates, Fast Internet Browsers | Web Browser .

This extension bug has been resolved with the lastest release.
Comodo Dragon 22.1

Cheers…downloaded…now problem solved :slight_smile:

Glad to hear, thanks. :slight_smile:

One of the points was missed. How do we turn off notification of available updates?

Hi string_game,
Currently there is no way to disable the notification if you are not up to date.
Please see the following wish.
Comodo update options

In other words, we still do not have the option to turn off the “new version available” notification. I DO have the current version of C. D. We only have Settings > Updates > and a button, “Enable automatic updates”. Where is the finer detail? Not present.

I am confident that Comodo will not add an option that might put users at risk (by using an outdated version of the browser).

they could show it once per session. I know not everyone closes there browser but every 5 minutes is annoying. plus it’s a security risk for those who don’t close their browser and have auto updates on because they never get notified to restart their browser for the updates to take effect. the only way they get notified is if they go to about dragon and see that it says relaunch. so if they don’t do that then the only way they get updates is if the browser crashes and they have to reopen dragon. so auto updates are kinda less secure than manual. whoever makes the first program that can update without being restarted is a genius or at least come up with a way to prevent a stop in workflow while the program restarts maybe a side program that is a clone of the program being restarted that starts seemlessly over the other before it closes but is not the same exact program so it can stay open while the restarts. then when It’s done the program seemlessly vanishes once the real program is up and then the side program updates while the user is on the main program. I know that would probably be really hard to impliment but I don’t believe It’s impossible