No mention of Comodo

No mention of Comodo.
I wonder why ???


I wonder? 88)


Tallemu have their business and Comodo have theirs. All this “he said - she said” from both sides is getting a little wearing and usually only servers to reinforce the “fanboy” image that both sides are developing a reputation for.

We should all chill, take a pill and have a big lie down.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I guess because of this:

As before , Matousec also included major brandname firewalls [b]which Online Armor surpassed[/b], including:

OA didn’t surpass CFP that’s why CFP is not in the list.

LOL. Good point Yuriy. I was just trying to prevent things getting out of hand.

Thanks for pointing that out.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Yeah I agree.

I think I’ll start locking posts with arguments on these silly debates.


No problems Ewen (V)