No longer able to use Gmail DRive

I am using Gmail Drive (GMail Drive shell extension - - GMail Drive shell extension)
After I installed Comodo, I can longer use it.
When I try to connect, I get a “server name or address could not be resolved” message


When you disable / set Comodo to Allow All, does Gmail drive function?

Did Gmail Drive function before with Comodo installed?



I run into same problem as NK3.

When i turn CFP to allow all, the drive gets back to work, when i set back to custom i get same error as NK3.

At the same time i am using a Mozy backup witch is working fine after allowing conection in CFP. But I am not sure if the gmail drive is same kind aplication cuz i didnt find anything else running in proccess.

I am using latest version of CFP on WIN XP SP2.

Thanks for any advice.