No log entry for recursively sandboxed files [4.1.x.920 x32]

Problem: When a file is sandboxed because it is run by another file which is sandboxed, no log entry is made. (Also no alert, but this is not a problem).

Steps to replicate:Run an explorer replacement which is not safelisted by CIS, eg Xyexplorer from here. Use it to run another .exe. This will be sandboxed without any log entry, and without any alert.

Other information

  • Your Operating System (32 or 64 bit) and Service Pack revision: XP SP3 32 Bit (Pentium 4 CPU 3Ghz, 4Gb RAM) Admin account.
  • CIS version: Please see title
  • Other Security and Utility Software Installed: See appended config report for details. Usually: Comodo - CIS, CVE, CIV, CLP, CSE, CAS, IVault; Other- Filezilla, Wallwatcher, Sony Ericsson PC software, Actual Window Manager, Routerstats, Revo, Process Explorer, Google Desktop, Process Tamer, Process Explorer, Idrive, Clipmate, Stuffit
  • Step by step description to reproduce the issue: See above
  • How you tried to resolve the problem: N/A
  • Upload Memory Dumps on crash if you encounter any: N/A
  • Attach screenshots to your posts to clarify the issue further: N/A
  • Virus database version: Please see config file
  • Any other information you think that might be useful. CIS settings:See appended config report for details.

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