no intrusions detected

I installed Comodo Firewall Pro on Vista Basic. I connect to the Internet at home via a wireless connection. Why does the firewall display “blocked 0 intrusions”, I had never notice any intrusions being blocked. I used to have ZOneAlarm which show any least thousands of intrusions blocked everytime I go online for hours.

Any information on this?

This all depends on 2 things. One do you have a hardware firewall? If you do that blocks all your incoming connections. Two have you run the stealth port wizard and selected the option to"block all in coming connections"?

Firewall\Advanced\Network Security Policy and make svchost.exe “Outgoing only” & Reboot, you should see your intrusion # start showing… Only because It worked on my PC.


no hardware firewall and stealth port wizard.

make svchost.exe “Outgoing only” does not help. still no intrusions detected.

installed the same firewall on Windows XP SP2 that connects to Internet via land line broadband. intrusions detected. any solutions?


I don’t see what the problem is with having no intrusions. In almost all cases, ‘intrusions’ means that something is wrong with your configuration, not that someone’s trying to hack you.
I don’t have a single blocked ‘intrusion’ in my logs.

Anyway, two questions. Do you have logging enabled for the firewall in MiscellaneousSettingsLogging?
For CFP 3 to log events, you’ll need to have a global rule at the bottom that blocks AND logs all traffic. Do you have such a rule?
I also think it’s necessary to have a similar rule for all of your applications to enable logging for the specific application.


I get no intrusions ever. But my hardware firewall covers all my inbounds. If you want to see intrusions run the stealth port wizard and download a leak test. You will see your alerts go up. Just cause Zone Alarm showed intrusions doesn’tmean anything. Comodo is the best free firewall out there voted by

I used to have 0 detections with the older versions of V3 (don’t know if this applies to current version as I always applied the same method I used to show the intrusion alerts). Lets try this, open up Comodo, go to advanced (side tab)-> Firewall behavior settings-> Alert settings (tab) and set the slider to very high (show time varies, it depends on when your next instance of internet noise is).