No Internet Monitor Use by Application in Comodo 2013

i’m very unhappy to see in the new comodo 2013 there is no more the easy monitor in the previous version of comodo internet security who show the Internet usage by the programm.

In the previous version you was able to open the comodo window and in the bottom you saw the most busy program who was using Internet.

Now if i ask in the GekBuddy for this function they say to use the KillSwitch Monitor who is very hard to understand it’s for advanced user or for a tecnician.

I’m asking WHY you remove an intelligent function of comodo?

All new feature and the new graphic of comodo are amasing but why did you think to remove the simple application use of internet in the comodo 2013?

I think is not a good idea.


Hi peopleinside,
You are not alone, we are expecting to see some improvements in future versions.
The below wish is along the same line of thinking. :wink:
Functional summary screen to return.

Thank you!