No internet for kids, yes for me ;) (command line?)


Hi, i have been using COMODO from something like a week, and really like it!!! Thanks for this very good product. Very transparent an un-intrusive for my DAW, a pc dedicated to make music.

I have two other accounts, one for kids and wife, that ocassionally use it. I set up COMODO in “BLOCK ALL” mode in the childs account, i dont want they surf at least im with them, but i noted that the settings were applied to all the accounts.

So i have two questions:
1-Is possible to have diffrent settings for each account? Maybe i can set-up the mode i wish with some startup command line? Is Comodo controlable trough command line?

2-If none of the above is possible, can you in the PLUS version?

Thanks your answers.

You can set up a LUA. Limited User Account under Windows.

Yes. You can have different settings for each account.

No. The Plus Version has the Experts cleaning your PC when necessary, etc. COMODO Firewall Pro isn’t a stripped down version.


Hi Josh. Thanks your answer.
You say that is possible to have diffrents settings for each account… are you refering to the COMODO settings? How? When i change the settings in the kids account, they are changed in my account too. How i can keep separeted settings?

About the LUA, Thanks!
Im managing that in this way by now: No InternetExplorer (i put a wrong proxy settings) and using Firefox with Glubble, the parental Firefox extension.
Since my kids are very little, is a good solution. But i wish to know about my first answer anyway.

Thanks again!

What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Most security programs do not allow for separate users. But you can block IE and FF from starting up with Comodo. Then just unlock it when you need to use it. Do you not want your kids to use the internet at all? Just unplug the eithernet wire.

Well, Josh said that “You can have different settings for each account”, so i want to know how, since i dont found the way to do that. That`s all. If is not possible, just a “is not possible” is enough for me.

Do you not want your kids to use the internet at all? Just unplug the eithernet wire.

If you wish to know what i want accomplish, just read my first post. It was clear: “i dont want they surf at least im with them”. The Ethernet wire dont have a password, or it have? :wink:
But, like i said in a previous post, the Glubble extension for firefox is a good one to allow them go to the web in a secure way.
Is not necessary rude answers, man.

The ethernet wire is the wire that connects your pc to the internet. You can just unplug it. When I dont want my son playing the XBOX360 I simply unplug it.

Ok. I know that the ethernet wire is a wire… and if your son want to plug it, what you will do? So, software is much more convenient. If instead of unplug your ethernet wire, you just simply say to comodo to block internet in a given account, and when you put a password, internet is allowed, that seems a real solution.
So, Josh mention that that is possible. Do you know how to do that?


As far as I know not in Comodo. I think he meant in your LUA. My Son knows not to touch something I unplugged. Have you tried block IE or FF in your kids account then going back into your account and seeing what is there.

Good your son dont touch it, probably mines dont too. But, there are lot of possibilities, and im thinking too to use it at school. There, kids are no so good obeying, sometimes.
Thanks anyway your answers. Like i said, im managing it putting a false proxy information in iexplore and the Glubble free parental extension for firefox, and then limiting the account of my kids to avoid any setting be changed.
BTW, my kids are not hackers, they have 3, 5 and 11. But they like to click everywhere and more than once they are surfing in the web accidentally.

Best regards.

My son is 9. When I let him use my pc I have him surf under a Sandbox. See here Any changes made can be undone my simply emptying the sandbox. You can also use Returnil which is very good.