No Internet connection

I installed Comodo last night and went through all the processes that I should went through. But after I installed it and set Comodo to costum, I can access the internet. I try to check my email with outlook and I get an error in outlook. I try to open a browser and I get a message in the browser saying can’t connect. When I set Comodo to allow all I’m able to access the internet. How do I fix this? It’s pointless to have a firewall if you can’t use the functions you need to use.

Hi Nogard & welcome to the forums.

I suspect that CPF is not set-up correctly to use your network connection or something vital has been blocked by mistake.

Did you perform an automatic or manual set-up during the installation?

Is there anything in CPFs log to indicate what is happening? If CPF is blocking something, then it should be in the log.