No internet connection with cavs

After I installed the latest version of CAVS no internet connection was possible, using XP with SP2. The connection is null or limited.

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Have you been able to verify this somehow, to be sure that CAVS is the reason?


The connection worked fine. I installed Comodo Antimalware and updated it. Them installed CAV (latest version downloaded yesterday) and the internet connection was limited (did not send or receive). So I uninstalled CAVS and restored the PC configuration (Windwos XP with SP2) to the one before installing CAVS and the connection worked again.
At the time, as well as CAVS, were also installed Comodo Anti-malware, Windows Defender and WIndows Firewall!

Can the HIPs on CAVS have, somehow, blocked a file from the windows system used to acess the internet, llike SVChost.exe? Is there a way to verify this?

It would surprise me if HIPS did that, many of the most common files are present in the safelist database. I’m afraid I don’t have any answer to this, why your internet connection was lost or limited. Better wait for someone else. Sorry about that.


To test I reinstalled CAvs and disabled HIPS, but the problem remained. I could not find any sollution, unless there is a conflict with another file somewhere. For now I will probably wait for the 3.0 version!

OK, I still don’t understand why this occurs. Let’s hope for the next version then!


Same thing happened to me… twice. I installed CAVS on clean install of Win XP SP2 on an IBM laptop. Additionally BOClean and CPF were installed as well as my only other on access protection. On restart after install of CAVS my internet access was limited (but not actually there). I could not gain access to internet at all and nothing could get in.

I uninstalled, restored system, and cleaned the registry for the heck of it and my wireless was back. This happened twice until I decided to call it quits. In addition, upon restart after uninstall I was informed CMain.exe could not start because of some random missing DLL… I figure its natural that CMAIN couldn’t start, but should it actually still be trying? I shall wait to try again for the next version…overall it gave me a great impression and is much improved I just can’t live without my wireless.

Just something to consider I guess…


I called a help from a techincian from the internet provider company, over the fone, but he didn´t help much. He believed it was a firewall problem, but I turned Windows Firewall off, but it didn´t help. On reinstall (3rd time), a message came up “CAVs email scanner installation failed, email scanner may not work properly”. Also files which I marked as save and allowed, where blocked by cavs. I want to use comodo antivirus, but without the internet it is hopeless! ??? For now I use one of the less trustoworthy free versions of the very expensive antivirus. Until I can solve this problem.

I used the previous version of Antivirus. I tried installing it in safe mode, but the problem remained. Including the fact that the connection icon was also missing. I trully tried. For I expected something to work, but I could not find the problem. Still, maybe someone could give a clue!

OK, previous version as in CAVS Or really really previous as in 1.1? The very latest is


I used the I could not update it, because I lost internet connection. I will try to download directly from the site the new version, and install it later on. If the problem is solved I´will anounce it. If not also.

Thank you, I’m holding two thumbs for this to work.


When I used the version with the launch pad I had no problems with the connection. Of course, had a problem with lanch pad (did not enjoy it) I even tried to star a riot in the street as quoted in other topics. But this version the problem came up.

The problem remained on the last version of installation mode. If I install the version with the launch pad, will it upgrade and aupdate to this version? May be that coudl solve the problem?

I’m afraid not, since Launch Pad was related to the old CAVS 1.1 version. AFAIK it is not possible to perform an auto-update from 1.1 to 2.0. It looks like you’re not able to use CAVS 2.0 then, without loosing internet connection.

I suppose you get your connection back if you shut down the program, but what if you disable just some functions of CAVS? Would that allow you to access the internet? I can’t give any specific options though, since I don’t use CAVS myself currently. Is it possible for you to find any log somewhere, that may give more details on this issue?


After a while trying to fix the problem, I believe CAVs is not responsible for the problem, well not the program or its components, but the installtion file. Because I turned off a few features, exited the program and no internet connection came up. I uninstalled CAVS and the problem remained. I had to restore the system (XP) to prior to installation. So, I now believe that the install file created the problem, somehow. The only problem during installation was that e-mail scanner was not installed properly, for some reason. And the internet had no gateway number, no DHCP server andno DNs server. So I don´t know, it is beyond me.

I wonder if the installation file could be corrupt in any way. Maybe it wouldn’t be possible to install at all, if that was the case. Anyway, I’m glad that you really tried. Sorry that it still didn’t work out. :-\


This idea comes from a problem that I had with BOclean, but maybe it would apply here? My problem was resolved after booting to safe mode (F8 pressed during bootup), uninstalling the program and rebooting, again into safe mode. The program is then installed in safe mode AND all the exceptions are specified there (while still in safe mode). Be sure to include all other security software and your wireless drivers (if any). When you boot normally, the settings should be what you specified and with luck, it should behave properly. (:TNG)

You mean install it in safe mode and when it restarts the PC go into safe mode again! Will CAVS work onsafe mode? Also, when I tell the program that a file is safe and is allowed, it is marking them as blocked!