no internet connection, should i delete windows?

I have a simple question.
I could not uninstall comodo via the control panel so i simply deleted the folder form program Files. Now I can no longer connect to the internet. I tried reading the main forum on uninstalling cfp but a) it read like chinese to me and b) since i can nolongerconnect to the internet and don’thave many of theprograms listed I don’t think I’ll be able to follow theinstructions.
My question is, Is there any way to fix the situation i am in or should i simply delete windows and start over? I would really arther not start from scratch (and especially since i have apparently lost the validation code for my copy of windows xp) but if i need to i will.

thanks a lot

Do you have a system restore point? Maybe even one that only dates back to when CFP was installed? If so, maybe you could use a program like Revo Uninstaller to uninstall CFP if you can’t uninstall via Control Panel.

If not, try running a registry cleaner, maybe COMODO registry cleaner.

If the cleaners do not work post again. But, it does sound like the drivers could still be present. Depending on your OS you can remove Comodo’s driver from the Networking tab for each adapter and/or you could use AutoRuns to disable all existing Comodo components (be careful if you have other Comodo products installed).

PS Welcome to the forums.

PPS “no internet connection, should i delete windows?” No. ;D

if restore points fail, you can try anyone of a number of undelete programs available to you.
but keep in mind, the less you use your pc before trying to undelete, the more successful that process will be. use of the pc causes the operating system to use the space on the hard drive that was once reserved for Comodo. that corrupts the data on the hard disc, and that is bad, makes recovery of said data harder.

consider an undelete process as a last resort.