No Internet Connection/IP

I decided to switch to Comodo as I’ve heard it is a great firewall. So far I have been extremely disappointed. After spending several hours installing/uninstalling/searching the forums/trying different things, I still can’t get Comodo to run without completely blocking me from connecting to the internet. Here is my configuration:
Windows XP SP3
Login as Admin
Cable Connection (No router)
Comodo with D+
Avast antivirus (disabled/Not loaded for install)
Peer Gaurdian (disabled/Not loaded for install)

No IP address
ipconfig not recognized in cmd.
can’t connect to internet

winsockxpfix.exe (did not work)
adding svchost/ipconfig to trusted apps (did not work)
creating rule to allow access to ports 67-68, or something like that (did not work)
A bunch of other things I’ve tried that I read about in the forums (did not work)

I’ve tried everything I can and still can’t figure this out. So far the only way to get an internet connection is to boot into safe mode and uninstall comodo (because it won’t let me uninstall unless I boot in safemode). Please let me know what to do. I would like to use this software, but I am about to give up because I am completely frustrated with how much comodo screws up my computer.