No internet connection after deleting CIS

Hello all,

when I wasn’t able to uninstall CIS because of a error message that is temporarily shut down, I deleted all files and registry entries (that I could find) manually. Yes, I know that was a stupid idea. I even knew it before I did it, no idea while I still did. Well, since then I cannot get any connection to the internet anymore and I have no clue what I could do besides installing Win10 again.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Hi and welcome Sagan,
Uninstall the Comodo firewall driver from your network adapters properties.

Kind regards.

Oh gosh! I should have posted here first. I tried zounds of “solutions” over hours…and this of course did the trick after reimporting the winsock registry entries. Overlooked the driver in the properties…

Thanks a lot for the quick help!

You are welcome.
Good to hear the issue is solved.