No internet conection

Hi all , Stumuzz here. (:WAV)
Came across your Firewall couple of days ago using google and searched for : “free firewall” and here I am.
I have installed your firewall onto my mothers laptop as she has just gone broadband and the one I had put on kept locking up. ( all seems fine , pc running normal speed again)

The download and receiving of activation code went smoothly, have not put it on my rig ::slight_smile:

What I would like to know is, is there a lincense for using on people computers who are not on the internet yet. I have work on a few peoples which often turns into a format c: and re-install because little billy or jane have used a memory stick , mp3 player or phone to copy stuff from there friends
and infected the home computer.
I know you get a 30 day trail followed by nagging to register, the people I have helped are scared about viruses and losing card and bank details so are scared about the internet. The sooner they can be made to feel safe the sooner they will “risk” the internet.

Stumuzz. :wink: