No Internet conection at all?

I installed CPF and followed the instructions as outlined in the flash program from a link in another thread to setup the basic trusted zones and such. After resetting nothing can access the internet. In particular neither one of my browsers can access the internet, firefox or IE. Within the application monitor portion of the firewall both firefox and IE have the allow all activities by this applicaiton checked and still nothing. Everytime that I want to use the internet I have to place the firewall in the “allow all” for anything to work. I uninstalled and attempted to reinstall and nothing would work at all, I had to uninstall it completely again just to get anything to work on the internet. any response would be appreciated.

Hi, can you connect to the internet with just the default install (no trusted zones ect.) ?

the first time yes, however, after attempting to setup trusted zones so that I could check my email, that is when I lost the internet. After the uninstall and then the reinstall, I was still unable to get on the internet.

Did you modified any of the default settings during the installation?

If you have enabled “block all outgoing connections while booting” please disable it. Sometimes it gives problems.

Have you blocked svchost.exe under the application monitor?