No internet at startp after new NIC! Disable & Enable Comodo fixes it on reboot

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This is my first post on this forum, so please bear with me.

I have a home network system comprising for 4 PC’s - I have Comodo Firewall on all of them. They have all been working wonderfully well so far. I yesterday bought a new PCI NIC and installed in on one of my PC’s. This PC serves as the File Server. Since then, whenever this computer starts, there is ‘Limited or No Connectivity’ for Internet on this PC.

As a get around, what I do is just disable the Comodo Firewall, wait for 5 seconds and again enable the Comodo Firewall. All seems to work well after this. So what has gone wrong with the settings and why is it not able to detect the home network anymore? What settings do I have to change to get this working because other people at home need to be able to access the File Server computer without me doing this Diable/Enable business each time this PC is started. This File Server PC is turned off every night and restarted on the following evening by the person who turns on one of the other three (3) PC’s and needs to access the File Server PC.

Any help (and urgently) would be highly appreciated.

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This is possibly a result of the new NIC having a different MAC address. Double check the rules on the “server” and rectify any that reference the MAC address.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi Ewen

Thanks for your response.

A couple of things on that :-

  1. I am not familiar with the Network type stuff - so where do I find the new MAC address on the new NIC?
  2. Where on the “server” do I check the rules - is it in the ‘Network Security Policy’ subsection.
  3. How would I that the wrong MAC is being addressed - in other words, which ones do I change to correct to the correct MAC address?

Sorry for my lack of knowledge on this matter. Network and/or Firewall configuation has always been something that I could never get my head around.

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