no internet after instaling CPF

I installed comodo antivirus and firewall and I no longer have internet access. It must be Comodo causing the problem. I tried uninstalling and no luck. I read other forums about editing the registry. I deleted this file in the registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo.

I had AVG and Windows Firewall running when I installed CPF. Maybe that is what caused the problem. I have unintalled AVG and shut down Windows Firewall. In the Device Manager under non-plug and play devices I have Comodo Internet Security Helper Driver which I can’t delete.
What else can I do? :-[

comodo can’t be the reason you couldn’t connect to the internet…

And I don’t understand why you couldn’t uninstall it what was the error message when trying to uninstall COMODO CIS?

deleting the registry is dangerous unless you really know what you are doing.

Try this go to safe mode,
in the command prompt type regedit
then try finding(use the find button) any CIS entry by trying to find the keyword comodo
delete all entry relating to comodo

I installed Comodo and no more internet access. I checked my hardware and its working fine. I don’t recall any error messages when I installed Comodo and I did uninstall. I assumed my problem must be that Comodo is not fully uninstalled so I wanted to delete entries in the registry which I did.
I still don’t have internet access. I don’t know what else it could be.

Select the Helper driver → click right → choose uninstall and reboot when asked. Does that work for you?

The CPF driver is no longer showing since I deleted some registry entries but my problem still exists.
I don’t know what help driver is.

Check Whether You Are Able To Connect To The Internet By Starting The Operating System In “Safe Mode With Networking”

I tried that and no I cannot.

Let’s assume the uninstall didn’t work out. Sometimes reinstalling the application first and then uninstalling may help. Could you try that?