No Internet Access

Occasionally, my computer, a wireless laptop running windows 7, stops getting internet connections. In the Windows 7 Network and Sharing Center, my computer is connected to the home network but there is no internet access. I can ping the router. I can ping other devices on my network and all other devices on the network can access the internet. I cannot access my router from my browser and ipconfig /renew returns an error that the DHCP router could not be accessed.

This does not happen all the time but has occurred several times in the one month or so I have had this computer. Disconnecting and reconnecting the adapter does nothing. Disabling and re-enabling it does nothing too. Re-booting usually gets the internet back for me but I did have to re-boot the router (I re-booted the cable modem then too) one time.

This appears to be a problem local to my computer. I realize this is rather open-ended regarding Comodo but, is there any rule I can set to ensure that Comodo is not blocking DHCP on my router? Or inhibiting internet access? Thanks.

hey and warm welcome to comodo forums!

Add the home network here (CIS–> firewall → Stealth wizards → Define a new trusted network…) now add the ip address (type ipconfig /all in cmd)

I hope this will help

Valentin N