No internet access with IE8 and CFP


I am getting grey hair trying to fix the internet access after I’ve installed IE8 sharp version on Win XP. I had IE6 before. I have access if I disable CFP. The CFP version I am using is and Application Database 3.0. I have disabled the XP FW. I have Armoursurf as well as web browser and there I have internet access.

I did what I normally do after having installed a new application:

  • Scanned for known applications and then restarted CFP
  • Defined a new trusted application
  • Added IE8 in Application monitor

But there is no way I can get internet access. Is there something I have missed ?

Have you set Internet Explorer as a " Web Browser" in the Firewall and Defence+ Network and Computer Security Policies?.

Hello again,

Problem solved !!
I upgraded to Comodo Firewall v3.8 and now I have internet access with IE8.
The v2.4 that I had before did not contain any Defense+ features so I was a little confused to what you were talking about.