no inbound connections [RESOLVED]

i have a problem. the firewall does not show me the inbound connections. what can i do? i have uninstalled and clean the computer. after the reinstall the problem is not fixed. i used it under vista 32bit. that problem was not under xp.

Does the summary say you actually have inbound connections? Most of the time most users have only outbound connections.

the summary say 0 inbound connections.

Why do you think you have inbound connections then? Do they show up under the active connections display?

normally when i download some datas i have inbound connections or not?

TCP connections are bi-directional. The connections are usually (browsers, mail, …) set up as outbound and the data goes both ways. If you are using a torrent type program or active FTP you would expect to see inbound. UDP is connectionless, as is ICMP, but you may still see UDP activity in the active connection list. Take a look at your active connection list. For a browser, you should see several TCP outbound connections for a page, since a page is usually made up of several different data fields, and when you download data for the page it uses the return path of the outbound connections.

i understand it. thx for your quick help.

Glad it helped. I’ll close this thread then. PM any mod if you want it reopened, or start a new thread if you have other question.