no idea cannot get firewall to work [RESOLVED]

I get this after i install and reboot.

no idea why, how do I get the firewall to start working?

Hey pretendo and welcome to the forum!!!
Was there any other security software active (AV, AS, etc.) when you were trying to install?
Maybe you should

  • uninstall CFP in ‘safe mode’,
  • maybe (depending on your knowledge) check the registry for left over entries (though that
    shouldn’t be necessary)
  • maybe delete any left over folders (windows search should help - I don’t think this step is
    necessary, it’s just for to make sure you have a ‘clean machine’ but as you’re reinstalling the very
    same firewall …)
  • reboot into ‘safe mode’
  • reinstall CFP in ‘safe mode’
  • reboot and see if it worked
    Good luck!
    Hope that helped,

thanks grandpa installing in save mode worked!!

Excellent, good work grampa. I will mark this as resolved.

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