no icon in tray (again) [Self-Resolved]

posting this as new because the old missing icon thread is closed, and this is somewhat different.
XP Home 32 SP2 everyday userid is LUA also running Sunbelt VIPRE Comodo firewall only, no leakproof or defense+. Firewall is custom mode. version

Installed an updated application earlier today, had a few problems, removed it and went back to the previous version.
After everything was sorted out, logged on to my normal LUA id and no CFP icon appeared in the tray. Checked in taskmgr and cmdagent & cfp.exe were runnung. Doubled clicked the CFP desktop icon, which has previously fixed it, but no effect. Killed cfp.exe in taskmgr, relaunched, but still no icon.
Shut down and went over to admin id. No problem there, icon appears in tray. Temporarily changed my normal id to admin authority, looged on with that id, and icon appears in tray. Logged off, changed the id back to LUA, logged on, no icon.
Uninstalled & reinstalled CFP. Made no difference, still no icon on my LUA id.
Uninstalled CFP & VIPRE. Reinstalled just CFP. Still no icon on my LUA id. Tried several uninstall/installs, but no difference.
Reinstalled VIPRE and carried on without the icon. Some time later ? 10 minutes ? the tray icon appeared. Hovering the mouse pointer over the icon brought up the CFP title box, but right-clicking on the icon had no effect. Then about 1/2 hour later I tried again, and it worked, the CFP window launched. Evertything seemd OK, but the title bar is all black, instead of blue, except for its title - no minimize/restore/close buttons, same in sub-windows. and no pushbuttons are shown. With luck, there is a screenshot attached.
Everything else I run is acting normally.

Very strange. I can live with it, as long as I know that CFP is active when the icon doesn’t show. I don’t need to look at it very often. ???

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi again. I set up a new LUA id and tried on there. CFP works fine. I guess something in my regular LUA id has been corrupted. So I’ll move all my data across to the new id at the weekend. Problem closed.