No icon html documents

I have installed Comodo Dragon 18.3 on Windows 7 (x64). It works well but for one small glitch. There are no icons on HTML documents:

I have tried making other browsers the default (their icons appear) and then switching the default back to Dragon to try and give it a nudge but the icons don’t appear, no matter what size they are made. I’ve tried a repair of Dragon and a re-iinstallation (keeping user data) but still no icons. Also tried setting the defaults in Windows default program settings. I have tried a few reboots between trying various things. Nothing has worked. Any other suggestions?

With thanks.


Open Control Panel and go to: Control Panel\Programs\Default Programs\Set Default Programs. Select Dragon and click “Choose defaults for this program”. You will get a list of associated files and protocols and you can choose which ones you want to associate with Dragon.


Thanks Blendea George-Silviu - I tried setting up the defaults in that way but it didn’t help unfortunately. The associations seem OK. It even says they are in the associations and default program windows. If I double-click on an HTML file it will open in Dragon. It’s just that the file doesn’t have an icon. I’ll keep looking, although I am getting kind of getting used to it now.