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I’m new to this forum and to using Comodo’s Personal Firewall. Previously, I was using Sygate’s free and now defunct, but excellent firewall. So far, I am satisfied with Comodo’s firewall, considering it is free. One crucial component it lacks though is a retrievable and viewable “History Log”, which would note each connection’s detailed info such as IP addresses, Ports, etc. That is one nice feature that Sygate has and Comodo lacks. Will this be a planned feature in the future edition of Comodo’s free Personal firewall? If so, when? I really hope Comodo integrates such a History Log into its product. I am awaiting a reply. Thanks!

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There has always been a historical log of the connection details in Comodo Firewall. It’s in the Activity tab at the top, and then you click on the Logs at the left.

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Very strange…your Connection Activity Log is very different from mine. Are we even using the same version? I am using the most recent version of Comodo Firewall Pro ( Please note:

My connection activity log really isn’t a ‘log’…it flashes the connection for several seconds and then it’s lost. Your log version seems to accumulate and store the history…mine doesn’t. There are major differences in the columns heading of both our History Logs. I have the following columns:

“Application”, “Protocol”,“Source (IP:Port)”, “Destination (IP:Port)”,“Bytes Out”, “Bytes Out”

Yours is different. Is there a way to adust it?
So, what’s going on? Do we have different versions? I just downloaded mine yesterday.

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Sorry. I uploaded that pic from Matousec’s site when he reviewed because I don’t have CFP on the computer I’m working on right now.

The Connections (supposed to be real-time) and Logs (which is also saved to the computer in a file named Logs.log) windows are different.

Just as I thought! This is precisely the point I am trying to make. If Comodo can include in it’s firewall, a History Log which can be stored and retrieved in real-time, that would be great. Just take a look at Sygates history log and you will see what I mean. It would be nice for Comodo to include the same.

As for the Log file you mentioned, (Logs.log), I couldn’t located such a file in my Comodo Firewall root directory. It doesn’t exist. Is it in another location?

I will now explain why a History Log is important. Very often, one will visit a website which contains those annoying ‘double underlined advertisements’, and when I enter such a site, I would like to check my firewall history log for the IP address of the source of such an ad. Then, I create a rule to block those annoying ads using that IP address. I cannot do this with Comodo because I have no idea of the IP source. The History Log is valuable for many other reasons as well. Will Comodo change this in the near future? Thanks.

Once again, my apologies for not listing the full path of Logs.log:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Comodo\Personal Firewall\Logs (You’ll have to enable viewing hidden files & directories in Explorer)

I understand the advantage of the log the way you seek it. CFP 3’s logging system has improved from what I’ve seen reported in the forum. Perhaps someone who has beta tested it can answer this better.


Thank you for your assistance. I found Logs.log in the directory you mentioned and opened it, however, it doesn’t contain any history or data at all…it is blank. I do hope in the next version of Comodo’s firewall there will be an improvement in the way it handles logs, especially the History Log. This is an essential addition to any firewall.

If it’s blank that means that there’s nothing in the Logs window. Assuming you didn’t change the default last rule in Network Monitor (Block IP In / Out for everything), it only logs blocked connections. Of course, you can manually edit the other rules to log them as well, but usually the average user does not need to see allowed connections other than for troubleshooting.

I haven’t tried version 3 currently in beta yet, hence, my comment that other users can answer it better.

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