No High ID with e Mule after installing CIS v4

I find a bug or a conflict.

My CIS version is 4.0.141842.828.
the conflict one is emule 0.49c version:, you can get it from

Description of the question: emule cannot obtain a HighID while comodo firewall be set to any level except disabled.

It means, if i enable comodo firewall, emule can only obtain a LowID; after i disable comodo firewall, it will obtain a HighID. Seriously, this conflict dose not cause any trouble when i wandering the web, but a HighID usually can max use one’s bandwidth to download, a LowID means you are wasting lots of your bandwidth, time and patience.

To obtain a HighID, your emule UDP port must can be connected from the server you choose to connect.

I usually choose to connect eDonkeyServer No2, with option random protocol encryption checked.

btw: thanks to the bastard Thunder, almost every great server blocked any connection from Chinese mainland IP.

I split your post from the compatibility topic as it is a different problem. See my signature for help for this problem.