No "header" at top of some CIS windows

Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz HT 32 bit
Windows XP SP2 Russian
CIS (without AV) .427 + NOD32 2.7.39
Clicking on buttons “Define a New Bocked Application”, “Stealsh Port Wizard”, and some other.
It is a very strange bug - you never know when you will see it.
Solving - restart GUI (R-click in tray - exit, then Start - Programs - …)
D+ - CleanPC Mode, Firewall - Safe Mode. In Advanced settings manually defined some Network Zones and Port Sets.

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I had also seen this on my system, but it has been a while.
(XP Pro x64, I believe I was using CFP 3.0 at the time)

This is related to the following bug:;msg216158#msg216158