No GUI, uninstall, reinstall

I’m was a very satisfied user of CIS until I encountered a problem about a month ago. I use only the firewall and Defense+ features of CIS on Windows XP SP2. It was working perfectly a month ago when it asked me to update, but after the installation i noticed that the CIS tray icon was missing. Investigating further, i found that i could not open the cfp.exe (cfp.exe closes itself almost immediately after double clicking it) or even uninstall through add/remove programs. I downloaded the installation file from the website but after the installer unzipped, nothing appeared and so i can’t reinstall. cmdagent, cfpupdat, cfplogvw and cfpsbmit can still run though, but not cfpconfg, so i updated again using cfpupdat.exe recently but the problem remains.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem is? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile: