No full database update in almost a week


One of the reasons I use COMODO (besides good protection) is the ability
for me to update it manually (if I need to).

That’s why I regularly download the full database from Comodo Anti Malware Database Latest Version & Additions 2022

I have noticed today when I wanted to download the Database again that it hasn’t been updated in almost a week.

According to the website, the Full Database is updated approx. every 2 days.

So… no more offline database update for COMODO?

[size=1]I added the word full to the topic title to be more descriptive. Eric[/url]

The full database release date is known to vary.

Yes, it says so in the website… But at least the date of the online database used to change every day to reflect the current online database number…

Or am I getting confused? isn’t the database number in the website above supposed to reflect the latest online database number? Or just the latest offline full database releases? I was under the impression that it’s the former.


The database number in the upper part of the page shows the number of the latest database that will be sent to the CIS and CAV clients when doing the AV update. That is not the number of the latest available full database. The database number of the full database is not published on that webpage or anywhere else to my best knowledge.

Why does Comodo not update the virus database page??

My CIS 8.2.4792 upates every day and the signature version is 23724.

What is the reason for not updating the page???

Thanks for an answer.


Is it really a problem for you? They still release definitions updates for CIS… are you checking these pages daily ???
Please be patient!

I guess Comodo should make updating that page automated. But I don’t care that much about it. It’s a page I never look at.

Do you realized that whitelisting team never respond for a week? Maybe the Indian team handles this pages.
See they got a disaster

Just inform to you guys

This topic is not about the whitelisting team. Are you sure you’re responding in the right topic? :wink:

Irrespective, it is only a web page. This has no bearing on the actual database version CIS is currently using.
Eric is quite correct in that the information displayed on that page is meaningless to CIS.
Your CIS definitions database is being updated, so don’t worry about it.

Yes, I am sure :smiley: I meant, the India Office might control those webpages of Comodo. They got a flood disaster, so webpages cannot get updates recently. I hope I can explain myself.

I get it now. :slight_smile: