No Firewall in CESM

I have Windows server 2008 R2 ST edition (Workstation , No AD) and I downloaded CESM 3.0.61203.19 with trial License and i deployed via Network Addresses with all components , after installed , i see no Firewall Component just only antivirus component.what should i do ?

During the push installation if the os is a server then it will install Comodo Antivirus for Servers(CAS) and on the endpoints like win xp/ win7/Vista/Win8 it will install all components.

CAS deployed on servers it doesn’t include the Firewall .

Have you done the deployment via Network addresses on a windows server?

yes it’s done.

Only Antivirus for Windows Server ? but i want Firewall like Comodo Firewall on my windows.i don’t like Windows firewall i want to Control over Firewall.How about Private firewall? does it compatible with comodo antivirus ?


For now the security provided for windows servers is Comodo Antivirus for Servers, which doesn’t include Comodo Firewall.
You can try and run a third party firewall with CAS( I think this is what you ment by private firewall), but you won’t be able to control the firewall security through ESM console.