No firewall available at the Comodo website!

I downloaded the installation file from the Comodo website, hoping that I would find the anti-virus and the firewall as the options.

But there was no firewall inside! The options were: the anti-virus and some wi-fi security program! I need no wi-fi protection, I don’t use wi-fi at all!

Was it just a Comodo website bug? How can I possibly get firewall?

There are now multiple download options. If you choose the antivirus download, that’s what you get. The same goes if you choose the Firewall download. If you want both, you have to get the Internet Security download. They all start out the same and are the same size, the differences are in what installation options you are presented with once you start the installer up. I chose the firewall download and there was no option to install the AV, just 3 different configurations for the firewall of which I chose the first one to get just the basic Firewall without D+. You will however wind up with the PC Support being installed but that can easily be removed.

You can download Comodo Internet Security here:;msg388177#msg388177

you can download CIS here.

CIS (comodo internet security) is a security suite. you can activate the firewall & disable the others upon installation :slight_smile:

Thank you, I have downloaded that file.
Why not post the correct information at People read “antivirus and firewall” and download the wrong file! :oThat’s the waist of time and internet-traffic!
Somehow or other, I had to apply a firewall urgently and installed As…oo. Maybe, I’ll use Comodo later.