no Firewall alerts [RESOLVED]


I have just reinstalled version 3 after removing version 2.4.

The version i have installed is, i just installed the firewall, leak test.
Any way i have gone through all my applications and not one of them had a firewall alert when they went out onto the Internet.

Network defense is in safe mode

Proactive Deference is in Clean PC Mode

I am using windows XP SP3 with all the updates

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Try the latest version.

Hi 3xist

I downloaded from the site that your link has sent me. I downloaded from there 3 hours ago.
Any chance of telling me what the latest version is please.

I just tried the link and it is the same version i have installed at the moment (
Your help is very much appreciated

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Hi pedropete,

In “Safe” mode for the firewall,all applications that where on the pc at the time of installation are considered “Safe” and are therefore allowed internet access and a rule will be created for them in Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy.You can go there to see what rules have allready been created and to “Edit” some if you wish.
If you set the Firewall to “Custom policy”,you will receive an alert for any application which doesn`t have a rule set up for it in “Application Rules”
Try removing a rule for one of your applications,(Apply to all windows) then try to access the net with it.You should receive an alert,if you want it to be created in “Application Rules” then check “Remeber my answer”.


Hi Matty_R

Thanks for your info.
You have explained fully what is going on, thanks a million

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Will close this one now :P0l