No feedback on blockings

I installed Comodo on a notebook I use for web development (WinXP SP2, Apache, PHP, MySQL). Default options on install.

I use virtual hosts so system32/drivers/etc/hosts file is modified to account for these virtual hosts.

I have this (big) problem: when I browse a virtual host (other than http://localhost) I get the “this page cannot be displayed” message. If I kill Comodo, it works. While I can accept there is a setting I missed, I cannot deal so easily with the fact that the log is useless in showing that “something” was blocked (and why, of course).

Do you have suggestions on how to solve my problem ?

Can you pls post sample entries from your hosts file?

Also, it might be useful to know what the CPF log file says exactly.

The hosts file is simple - just 2 uncommented lines:       localhost       mezu

The CPF log says nothing.

L.E. I made some further tests, and I think the logging feature is not reliable; I setup all the network events to be logged, an I noticed that sometimes the events pop-up are logged with a noticeble delay or they don’t show at all. To test it, I used multiple pings to different IPs and http requests.

Furthermore, it seems only the network activity is recorded - there is no refference to what application is making that particular connection.

Kindly let us know ALL your Network rules as well as related Application rules.

Can you ping the other hosts when CPF is ON?