No Expert And Would love a clue what to do?

Anyone help I seem to have a something on my pc that everytime I connect to the net when I can that is lets me open my home page but then opens a second page for another site called Zustaus,Gallimp,Cowresti, if I close these with alt and f4 as I was advised to do it then gives me a liittle white box on the screen after 3 or 4 times saying my pc is infected with malware,this will not close with alt f4 if you close any other way it then takes you to a to disc cleaning site wihich immediately starts to look at your hard disc. Comodo all the time is throwing me up warnings that different applications on my pc are trying to connect to sufohuwe,goyetude,and others and marking these as dangerous if you try to stop these opening and mark them to be remembered then they seem to come back with different names.Spybot S+D told me on a scan that I had viirtumonde but comodo does not I have tried a dedicated virtumonde cleaner from bleeping computers called Vundofix but it is still there,any advice for a computer idiot would be appreciated

It looks like your PC is infected and your browser has been hijacked :-\

Please download and scan your computer with the following products.

MalwareBytes AntiMalware - Free Antivirus 2023 | 100% Free & Easy Install | Malware Removal

SuperAntispayware - Download SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition

And after that i suggest to do a scan with Avira Antivir - Download Security Software for Windows, Mac, Android & iOS | Avira Antivirus

Please post back the results :slight_smile:

P.S. I also suggest to do your scans in Safe Mode for better effectivness :slight_smile:

I had this same problem; the one thing that worked for me was malwarebytes antimalaware with the additional trick of renaming the install program before installing it. Some virus programs will otherwise block installation! Here are the directions that worked for me:

Hi Kes44uk,

It looks like you have something really nasty which will be hard to remove and any unknown outbound connections could be very serious for you. Do not do any banking or credit card transactions until you have had things checked by an expert trained helper.

As you seem to be in the UK I would suggest you go to the following site where you should get help quickly. Read the pinned topics first and then post a HijackThis log as directed.

Good luck and welcome to the forum. :slight_smile:

I recently had the same problem with Zustaus,Gallimp,Cowresti, High jacking my browser, I simply
installed that anit mal ware stuff, ran it for 1hr & 1/2 and it worked!! all of that ■■■■ is gone!!

im not a pc person, just THE ROCKIN REALTOR HTTP://