No Entry Sign

My firewall icon in the system tray has a red circle and sash no entry sign on it but everything appears to be working fine. When i open CIS and check through each security section, there is no sign that there is anything wrong so i dont know what to make of it.

Sorry, now when i open CIS im seeing an alert sign which says that Defense + is not functioning properly and when i run the diagnostic tool it says it can find nothing wrong.

So what can i do ?

Come on somebody must know what problems cause the red circle with diagonal line through it ?

It must be a bug in the code or something. Ive also tried to install CIS on my mothers computer and it keeps knocking the internet connection out and its not the first time ive come across this problem of no connection when i install CIS.

Someone respond at least ???

For the situation with your mother’s computer it is better to start a separate topic so things don’t get mixed up. In the opening post tell us about your mother’s computer:
What OS
What other security programs are running in the background
What version of CIS

Also provide us with screenshots of the Global Rules (Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy) and firewall logs (Firewall → Common Tasks → View firewall events).

As for the other problem. Start with disabling all other security programs that are running at the same time. Does that help?